Hand tied by Bob in his workshop using high quality fly making materials. No cheap glue or thin wire hooks here!

Hand made with a time proven design, this spoon mimics the action of a wounded bait fish. Predator fish cannot fight their instinct to strike!

Hand Made Mackerel Spoons

They may be called a "Mackerel Spoon" but a better description would be "Catches All Toothy Predator Spoon".  Stripers, macks, musky, salmon, lady's, kings, blues,  northern; if it eats bait fish, this spoon will catch it. Taught the design by a Cuban exile, Bob hand hammers each spoon to give it that wiggle that no predator can refuse.  This currently comes only in size ONE. 


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Bob is now making sinkers!

Sold in 1 and 5 lb bags. Egg sinkers 1/8 oz to 3 oz and Pyramid
Sinkers 1 oz to 3 oz. 1 lb for $3 and 5 lb for $13.  Stock up and never run out when the fish are biting.

Bob's Jigs

Hand Tied Teasers

If you made them yourself, you would want them to turn out like these. Each teaser is hand tied and bound with thread. This is not a cheap glued teaser. Made to withstand multiple fish hookups, these heavy duty thick wired teasers are made to please!

The highest quality hand made SWM style jig around. These literally catch almost anything. From surf to ice fishing, pompano to whitefish. Bob's jigs catch em all!

Orders may take up to 7-10 business days to ship.  Thanks!  Big Bob

Hand Made Products Produced in the USA

Big Bob's Handmade Tackle and Jigs 

Big Bob's Merchandise is ONLY available via this website and our retail  partners.  Do not be fooled by fake deceiving websites!


Each jig is hand poured using first use lead heated to over 500 degrees to ensure a smooth ridge free pour.Only Ohero are used to ensure a solid hook set each and every time.  Each jig is individually Powder Painted hot and furnace cured at 300 degrees to provide a long lasting coat which withstands abuse from multiple fish hookups!